Piazza mercato del Pesce - Trapani

The Fish Market of Trapani is a historic location with a deep impact scenography; a genuine “Agora” that have gone with the days of Trapani people for years. It is an old market for the selling of fish, today has taken a new resplendence whereby a recent restructuring. Perfectly inserted in manifestation contest as expression of tradition and culinary history of the city, it includes lots of advantage: It is in the city center, easy to reach, and it is also in one of panoramic beauty place, between the beach and a overlook to sea.


Driving Directions

15 minutes drive from the airport of Trapani / Birgi (Vincenzo Florio) and 45 minutes from Palermo / Punta Raisi (Falcone-Borsellino).

In addition you can also arrive by train from Palermo or by bus from various locations.

Stragusto is in the historic center of Trapani, it is better to get on foot than by car. Along the Dante Alighieri coast , in Vittorio Square, there is a parking lot, about 500 meters from the venue of the event. Wal- king on Regina Margherita Venue and the historic Garibaldi street, you will get in Mercato del Pesce Square - home of Stragusto - in less than 10 minutes. Another free parking is located in a large square (Piazzale Ilio).

Also in the port area, the A.T.M. Trapani Multi-storey car parking is located (Ilio street corner Trento one). Near the historic center, you can also park on the blue lines for a fee. Info: www.atmtrapani.it